Today, President Donald Trump is reportedly expected to sign an executive order to establish a commission that will investigate allegations of voter fraud and voter suppression in the United States.

ABC News, citing “multiple senior administration officials,” reports that Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will be Chair and Vice Chair of the “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.”

The outlet further states that the commission will include both Republicans and Democrats who will study “vulnerabilities” in America’s voting systems and identify how they may affect “improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations, and fraudulent voting.”

The creation of this commission, reports ABC News, sees Trump making good on his promise to crack down on cases of voter fraud.

“You can never really find, you know, there are going to be – no matter what numbers we come up with there are going to be lots of people that did things that we’re not going to find out about,” he told ABC in January. “But we will find out because we need a better system where [fraud] can’t happen.”

Needless to say, news of Trump’s new commission does not sit well with liberals, who generally believe that voter fraud is a non-issue in the U.S.

HuffPost’s article detailing the new commission is titled, “Donald Trump Announces Commission To Investigate His Baseless Widespread Voter Fraud Claim.”

The outlet quotes director of voting and elections at common cause Allegra Chapman, who reportedly said, “in my mind, this is akin to launching missile strikes with the hopes of getting popularity points. There’s just no there there. But they’ll try to put on a big show over a so-called widespread problem that doesn’t exist.”

Salon, meanwhile, calls Trump’s voter fraud claims “bogus” and suggests that the new commission could land itself “among the most harmful aspects of his presidency.”   READ MORE